How to move a cat successfully

If just thinking about moving to a new place spins our head, think about how your cat would feel about it. Cats are territorial animals. They make bonds with their surroundings that cannot be easily broken. So for your cat, the bedroom, lounge, courtyard and other areas are belong to him and he has allowed you to stay with his kindness.

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Moving happily on its feline face is not a question actually there are something that you should be careful about to make the move more friendly for your cat. For this you have to make three essential preparations such as – pre move, move and post move.

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  1.  A carrier will be used to transport your cat. Get a comfortable carrier with sufficient space so that your cat doesn’t feel constrained. With a good carrier your cat doesn’t feel stress. Make your cat familiar with a box before the relocation. Keep the carrier door open where he can easily get into it. Then start keeping some eatables to attract your cat into the box without making anything doubtful for him. Do not show up your intentions and start by initially keeping food close to the carrier before putting it inside. Then put food on the entrance of the carrier.
  2. Introduce your cat with the boxes by putting them out where they are visible before packing. Allow your cat to eat close to the boxes as long as he becomes comfortable with the scenes.
  3. If your cat finds the packing things stressful despite of your all efforts, in such situation, you have to keep your cat in a different room. Make sure to keep all the essentials in the room
  4. Follow the routine of your cat irrespective of the fact that you are on the move. Only in this way you can make your cat slightly comfortable with the ever changing things. Give him the same food and toys and spend sometime with him as always. Do not ignore the grooming. Keep your cat clean and follow the same time table.
  5. Still in some cases, your cat may find everything very stress-full. If you notice that his anxiety levels are going out of control, you should consult with your pet vet soon. Let them suggest the best cat anti-anxiety solution that you can use on him to make the move successful and trouble-free for your pet.
  6. After reaching at your new place, keep one room for your cat with food, water, bed and other facilities that your cat may need.  To make your cat love the room, this is the best option.
  7. Spend some time with your cat besides of unpacking the items. After unpacking all of your items and cleaning the place, allow your cat to explore the new house
  8. You should be patient and well-focused to make your cat anxiety free and adaptable with the new place.

You can also consult with your packer and mover for more information about pet move so that you can easily conduct his transit.

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