About WOCHM® 2017


Happy Women of Color HERStory Month® 2017!

New Voices for Reproductive Justice invites you to celebrate the power, legacy and achievements of women of color during Women of Color HERStory Month® 2017.

Since 2008, Women of Color HERStory Month® recognizes the exceptional social, economic, political, spiritual and cultural contributions of women of color, creates a forum for women of color to participate in leadership development, community organizing and policy advocacy while also educating the general public about Human Rights and Reproductive Justice for all people.

At the intersection of Black History Month and Women's Month, across all three of our cities (PHL, PGH, and CLE) New Voices for Reproductive Justice celebrates #WomenofColorHERStory month and the power, legacy, and achievements of Women and femmes of color, past, present, and future! This year's Women of Color HERStory Month Theme is #ReconstructingJustice, a concept that pushes us to explore and elevate what it means for Women and femmes of color to activate their visions for leadership while envisioning, demanding, and reconstructing a world that holds and cares for us all. In times of heightened political turmoil, this is the work of #ReconstructingJustice. We have learned this from our ancestors and the young women, girls and femmes of today!

Enjoy 30+ days of celebration with amazing events, daily inspirations and dynamic women of color! We encourage you to enjoy the full experience - attend the events, follow us on social media on Facebook and on Twitter @WOCHERStory and spread the word.